Wednesday, April 09, 2008


No water today, so no shower. And what happens when Julien can't shower ? He stays home. I NEED MY SHOWER !!! But I wanted to see that movie. Big dilemma. Well I went to my parents' and took a shower there. Can you realized that I spent at least 20 minutes outside, dirty ? No I'm not that bad. I think I got that from my dad :
My dad parked his car in front of their building in the Taksim/Cihangir area; during the night, some street hoodlums decided to spend the night in it, so they wing opened the doors and settled inside for the night. A neighbor informed my dad about it and what did my dad say ? : "Let me take a shower, I'll be right down."

Anyway, I went to see this French/German/Kazakh movie called Ulzhan (pronounce Uljan) by German director Volker Schlöndorff (The Tin Drum, 1979). It was a very nice movie, with a very nice picture, the two main actors were very good. But this is a drama, a real one and I wasn't in the mood for one. But still, if you get a chance to watch it you still should. The movie takes place mainly in Kazakhstan and it teaches us more about this country.

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