Monday, April 28, 2008

Turkish Style

There is this high school under construction in our neighborhood. It looks nice but then I noticed the two small roofs on the main roof and wondered what they were there for. I took a look at the project picture and found out that there was a small error...

left side

right side

project picture

All jokes aside, The raw materials such as plaster and concrete used for this building are (supposed to be) environmentally friendly. They used the same material they did to build the brand new mall center 'Meydan' near Ikea in Umraniye.
For the first time in Turkey and still a fairly new concept in the rest of Europe, new heating technology is being used to create energy. This technology converts earth heat into energy that can be used for heating and cooling the shopping center. This environmentally friendly technology emits no harmful gas or waste. Even the roofs of the buildings have been designed as green spaces.

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