Sunday, April 06, 2008

Istanbul Modern and more

Since December, there is a very interesting exhibition at Istanbul Modern Museum about Cihat Burak. It's actually a retrospective on the life and art of Cihat Burak, the unconventional master of modern Turkish art who offers an unparalleled insight into Turkey’s social and cultural history.
Today being the last day, we decided to go today. I actually went to see it with my friend Jake a month ago (or two). But I wanted Ekin to see it, and after postponing it every time, we finally went.
As it is forbidden to take pictures inside the museum, here are some pictures I took while walking there; it's at a 4 km (2.50 miles) distance from our house to the museum.

The former main entrance of the Dolmabahçe Palace. The two guards must remain still whatever happens.

We also witnessed a group of storks flying over Istanbul. It's amazing to see that many big birds together in the sky. You can learn more about why they migrate over Istanbul here.

This is an old wooden house below the Cihangir mosque, near Tophane surrounded by modern buildings.

The Nusretiye Mosque by the museum

The cafe of the museum


Mim said...

I love seeing these photos. Last year, I was kind of obsessed with reading books about Turkey. Really. I read 7 of them. Alas, none had photos in them so it's a treat to see images. And yours are especially excellent. Thanks

Djouls said...

That's really great, thanks a lot, I really appreciate. I have so many pictures of Istanbul, I like sharing them with people.
Thanks for making my day.