Sunday, April 13, 2008

Be Kind, Rewind - Sweded

We went to see Michel Gondry's last film (the website is amazing as well, you can swede a movie there). I've been following his work for years now. He's the most creative person I've ever heard of. He is a real genius. The man thinks differently from any human being, which he is not of course.

Go see it as soon as you can.

Here is a view of the Emek theater, we were sitting in the front row of the balcony. As you can see this is a pretty old theater.


Mim said...

This looks like a nice old theatre, like the one we go to here in Richmond, VA, USA, to see the French Film Festival. I love old movie theatres. Where I grew up in Chicago, we had movie palaces, that's what they called them. They were so grand.

Djouls said...

Yes it is a very nice theater with both a rococo and baroque style. There are a few old theaters in the Taksim area on the Istiklal street. The oldest one is the Alkazar Theater (1920).

The Emek theater has hosted (and still does) the International Istanbul Film Festival for many years now. It was build in 1924 I think. The Seats are comfortable

There is also the Atlas Theater but the seats are really uncomfortable. Built in 1870 in has been turned into a theater in the 1930's (34).

There was also a great one on the Asian side but it has been turned into a bank I believe or something like that after being renovated.

I miss Richmond.

Thanks for sharing.