Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Turkish Style Architecture

This morning I dropped Ekin at her office and on the way back home I took some pictures of the upper part of the Arnavutköy district. The lower part (by the Bosphorus) is very wealthy, on the other hand the upper part is more dodgy, as you can see.

Most of the houses are constructed without permits.
What you should look for. The walls ar't straight. The windows ar never symetrical or straight or of the same size or whatever. The roofs aren't straight. Here are some samples :

on the image above, none of the yellow house's windows are of the same size. the building is leaning on the left. the upper right window is not straight... the right wall of the green house is not straight.

very thin building

The owner of the gry building on the right probably planned on doing a balcony as well but then, apparently, changed his mind as you can see a door on the second floor (third floor for some of you).

The roof looks weird at the jonction of the yellow and pink colors.

on the way back...

On another subject I went to this mall center called Cevahir (remember that the letter 'C' is read 'dj' in Turkish) to get some stuff from the dry cleaner and I saw that a Yoga class was going on right next to this amusement park. Yes there is an amusement park in the mall. It's the second biggest mall in the world. The thing is that there is a rollercoaster and some other crazy attractions in there so people are screaming. It must be very nice and relaxing to do yoga there.

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