Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Fenerbahce-Chelsea : 2-1

Today is a big day for me, it is the first time I go to a soccer game, ever. The interesting thing is that I probably went to 30 american football games and even a baseball game but have never seen a soccer game.
It's a Champions League game (whatever it means), it's the quarter final and the game took place at the Fenerbahçe stadium. Fenerbahçe is the number one team in Turkey right now. They won the Turkish cup last year. Roberto Carlos is part of the team but did not play tonight.
BMW lend Timur a Mini Cooper for him to try, it was pretty cool, I really like this car.

Police on every meter.

I went to the game with Timur and Serdar (host of the Teknosohbet Show) and we were invited by Sony so we had nice seat.

Sükrü was there too.

At half time we went to the Sony Lounge where you could play with playstations, foosballs, watch TV and eat all you want t a very nice open buffet.

Anyway, I predicted that Chelsea would open the score during the first half and that Fenerbahçe would score twice during the econd half and that's what happened. I should've placed a bet on it.
Timur is a BİG Fenerbahçe fan by the way, so it was interesting to watch his rections during the game.

and victory for Fenerbahçe.

At the end of the game all the streets were crowded with happy, screaming people so it took us a while to get back home.

On the way to game I passed by this little shop where the guy was selling those dirty socks (new, but dirty) at the price of 250 YTL which is about 191 dollars or 121 euros. I'm guessing you have to divide it by a hundred in order to get the right amount.

Anyway, not being a big fan of soccer (or any sports in general), it was a nice experience but I believe that the atmosphere played a big part. It's a big and important game in Europe.

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