Monday, April 07, 2008

Int. Istanbul Film Festival

On April 4th the 27th International Istanbul Film Festival started. I bought many tickets to many movies. Today I was supposed to go see this movie called Elite Squad but last night I learned that I was working today so I couldn't go. Then I also realized that some guys were supposed to come this morning to install a new satellite dish on the roof in order to get this "new" television provider called DSmart. This is actually where Ekin is working so we're getting it for free.
Now we have two satellite receivers plus cable tv.
Short story long, I couldn't go see this interesting movie and I'm bummed about it. Learn more about it here.
Tomorrow I'm going to see two other movies ('Darjeeling Ltd' and 'The Savages') and am working in between, I'll tell you more then.


heatmiser said...

Do not want to make you any sadder; but the Elite Squad was sooo good :)

Djouls said...

I think you just did ;)