Friday, April 11, 2008

99 Francs

Today I met with Jake for lunch. Afterward we went to the film festival together to see the French movie "99 francs", from the bestseller book of the same name (actually renamed 14.99 euros after theintroduction of the euro) written by the French intellectual Frédéric Beigbeder (pronounce beg bay day) that narrates his experience as a publicist in a satirical and fashionable style.

I actually did not read the book, I usually don't like reading bestsellers but then some good friends around me read it and told me that it was pretty good, so instead of reading it I opted for the movie.

After the movie we walked up to Nisantasi and had a drink at Barnie's and ate one of the worst lemon pie ever and then walked home.
Tonight Ekin went to see the movie 'Paris', the one that I missed yesterday but she wasn't thrilled about it.

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