Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Savages and Marc Caro

This morning we went to see 'The Savages' with the wonderful Philip Seymour Hoffman; I love this actor, one of the best there is actually. He has that ability to portray an ordinary human being like no others. I loved him in all of his movies.
The talented Laura Linney is also starring in this movie as well as the great Philip Brosco. It was a great movie, a sad movie but not too depressing; it has a very human look at life. The performance of the actors make it very credible.

After the movie went and ate at Miss Pizza (one of the best pizza place in Istanbul) in Cihangir and then walked up to the Istiklal to attend a master class with director Marc Caro (one of the two creators - with Jean-Pierre Jeunet - of Delicatessen and The City of Lost Children) who came to Istanbul for the film festival to present his new movie 'Dante 01' and supposedly share his passion for cinema, his thoughts on drawing intersecting with film, and his directing.
When we entered the building, the security guy told us that we'd have to follow the class from the 4th floor if we didn't have an invitation (press...), and so we went. What was at the 4th floor ? The cafeteria with a small LCD screen and a few frustrated people sitting there and waiting for Marc Caro to appear on the small screen. It did start but we did not have the sound because the guy with the remote control was on the phone. We just decided to leave.

I hate IKSV (Istanbul Foundation for culture and arts), they've been doing this for 27 years and that's what we got ? I have so many griefs against them, like their inability to organize the tickets sales (on a later post probably) and more.

Tonight Ekin went to see 'Dante 01' by herself. She said that before the actual movie they screened the first short he realized with Jean-Pierre Jeunet : 'The Bunker of the Last Gunshots ' (1981) ; she said that at least 30 people left the room during this screening, they probably thought it was the actual movie. This short is like the movie Metropolis but on crack. Anyway, I'm going to see 'Dante 01' Monday morning so I'll tell you more about it then.

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