Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ceci Cela

Today is a beautiful day, almost*.

Today I worked. Yes I did, I really did. It was for the Teknoshobet show again. You should watch it this week because they talk about me (in Turkish).

Then back home where we cleaned the house because we had guests. Not that the house was dirty but well you know... Yes you do !

*Ekin burned 3 of her fingers by putting them in the oven while it was really HOT, so I rushed to the pharmacy shop and got her some 'Silverdin'. I wished we had bought some 'Biafine' while we were in France, it is the best thing against burns. Anyway, I had to prepare dinner then ;) (Kidding, just kidding. I am really).

Then our guests arrived (no pictures, sorry) and we ate 'Confit de Canard' which we brought back from France with some home made baked grilled potatoes and a nice Salad. Serap made us a very good Cheesecake (New York Style) and I gave her a 9.5/10, well because you can't have 10/10 except for the Cheesecake I did; I gave mine a 10/10 because each bites were like little drops of heaven (cf. Friends season 7 episode 9).
Ayse was here tonight and she loved our cat Oreo. On the picture she looks a bit like Elmyra Duff, the cartoon character who loves animals so much she causes them some injuries.

And Good night.

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