Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Work day today, nice day today.

We went to the Sony RoadShow for the technology program I'm working for ( took place in the museum part of SantralIstanbul (english). SantralIstanbul used to be a power plant (built during the Ottoman Empire) and supplied the city's energy for a long time. It was then abandoned but recently renovated by Istanbul Bilgi University and transformed into a cultural center. Classes take place there as well.
The Sony RoadShow was a little fair held for the press to show their last products in broadcasting (TV, Cinema) so it was very interesting for me. After shooting the reportage for the program we went around in the plant part. It was pretty nice to see that kind of place.

The building on the left is the Otto Cafe, the big Grey building is the museum and the old building on the right (below) is the plant.

Oreo seems tired today.

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