Friday, January 18, 2008

Day Off

Today I decided to walk to Cihangir, near Taksim to take pictures of some stencils. The weather seems nice and mild.

This picture was taken in our street, one of this building is actually where we live. I really like the one in the front, it's a typical house of the neighborhood but a bit falling apart.

I walked through the Topagaci district (Topaadji), Tesvikiye district (Teshveekeeyea) and the Maçka district (Matchka). Before arriving to the open air theater you can enjoy this view of the Bosphorus. The cable cars you see are actually working and you go from ITU (Istanbul Technical University) to the University's campus on the other side flying above the Maçka Park.
The interesting thing is that very few people in Istanbul know about those cable cars.

In this little park near the University you can actually see the cable cars boarding place on the left and the campus on the right, behind the trees. By foot it would take 15 minutes with hills, with the cable car, it only takes 2 minutes. (it goes from here to here - google maps)

I skipped the Taksim Place and went through the Gumussuyu district and started wandering around, discovering every new back streets.

I discovered this little church by the previous wooden house.

The building under construction is abandoned since many years now. They started to build this parking lot but then the construction stopped due to the lack of work permit. I believe a trial is still going on to decided of its faith. It totally denatured the face of the district. You can see it from everywhere, it's a huge and ugly building (here on google maps, that's the big grey building). The 'funny' thing is that some mafia (probably) is using it as a parking lot. So you can go and park there if you want.

The mosque by the parking lot.

The Marmara Hotel (the one on Taksim Square) from Cihangir's back streets.

Well today I discovered a lot of new stencils I've never seen before. I almost walked 8 km (5 miles). So good night.

PS : You can see the path used by downloading this .kmz file (google Earth) here.

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