Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pasta Arbella 2.0

Today again I worked for the Arbella cooking show. We first started to shoot at 360, a nice trendy restaurant/bar/night club in Taksim with a 360° view over Istanbul. One of its owner (Mike) is also the cook who creates the meals for the show since he's a former cook.

Then we went back to the Studio where I finally took a picture of the Istavrit store that burned 2 months ago shutting down the 'Bursa Ciçek Köfte' restaurant next door where I liked to eat.

From the Studio. The Istiklal street is on the left, after the mosque.

I do have a large neck. They say I have a 'Pehlivan's neck

It's also our last day today. Farewell everyone, I ate 5 different type of pasta today.

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