Wednesday, January 30, 2008


While passing by this grocery store, I notice this note on his front door so I went and had a look. It had written down the names of the people who owed him money, their address and the amount due. Some of them are not small amount.

The 1st one owes 640 Turkish Liras (YTL) since september 2006 ($ 542).
#2 owes 70 YTL ($ 60) since 6 months but apparently paid.
#5 owes 50 YTL ($ 42) since 2 years !!
#6 says : "note : watch us, there is more coming"
#7 says : "The list of the shameless"
#8 says : "I fed the people that the government couldn't feed, I'm the victim"



Serhat said...

hehe..nerden bu resim ?

Djouls said...

bizim orada, firinin yanindaki bakkal.

jacques said...

This reminds me of the time we moved into this apartment and kept getting notes on the door to pay about 80ytl to the kasap down the street... we were a bit afraid to tell him that the previous tenant moved out but although he was a little miffed, he was happy to meet us. I guess it 'comes with the territory'.