Sunday, January 13, 2008

Visiting Day

Today is a beautiful day, again.

We went to Ekin's parents for breakfast with Umut, Duygu and Derin (her bother, sister in law and nephew). Then with Ekin we made a traditional 'Galette des Rois' (Kings' cake) which wasn't bad, a bit too sweet maybe but still good. It was the first time that her family ate it. We usually eat this cake on January, 6th, Epiphany Day but well, not being a religious person I had totally forgotten about it. I just remembered I was supposed to eat a special cake in January.
Then, after playing with Derin and imitating her teeth rubbing we headed to Tepe Ören to visit the new house recently bought by Umut and Duygu.

It's a nice place that looks a bit like Wisteria Lane ;) The house is very nice but it's far from the city (for me).

We came back home and noticed that Oreo was doing fine without us.

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