Monday, January 28, 2008

Stencils Searching Day

Today, as I went to feed my parents' cat (they're in Paris for those who wonder), I wandered around in the Cihangir district again to find some new stencils.

I really like this one, it was (apparently) drawn using a single line. It reminded me of the line skulls that my friend Noah did for his skulladay project.

The famous Cihangir Cats

View of the Galata Tower from Cukurcuma.

I'm always amazed that the water pipes and taps are in the open like that. If I shut this tap, the guy won't have anymore water. That's risky.

Ahhh the Bosphorus. This is the Asian continent on the other side.


Lucky Oreo

Poor Oreo


Another Limited Rebellion said...

You make me miss Istanbul! Plus I want to meet Oreo, so cute!

Djouls said...

Well, you know that our door is always open, any time man.
Oreo is very cool.