Thursday, January 03, 2008

Let it snow

Work day today. As I went to the office to get the camera, guess what I saw. Our first snow flakes. Well very small yes, but snow. I really didn't it would hold but it did.

Today we went to the Maslak Dogus Power Center Otomotion (what a name). A new mall with a fake cultural center inside with a car show. There's actually an exhibition about Einstein right (ending march, 2nd) highlighting his biography as well as his major scientific breakthrough, the history of relativity and quantum theories. It explores his legacy not only as a scientific genius but also as a complex man engaged in the social and political issues of his period (wow).

We went there to interview the number 1 Turkish pop singer Tarkan (official site here).
I will pay $2.000 the person who can get rid of my my double chin.

As we came out we realized that it had snowed more. Well there wasn't much snow where I took this picture (Fulya) but the other districts were whiter (Maslak, Levent, Etiler, Asian side).

So be careful out there.

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