Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Car Check

Today I went to the Citroen Service to have the car checked. 2 weeks ago the car wouldn't start so the guys came and said to Ekin that they needed to update the car's software. So they took the car, updated the software and said that everything was fine. I asked the guy what was the real reason the car wouldn't start and the answer was 'the software has expired'. ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?
So That's why I went to Citroen today to get a real explanation. The car is new and recently came out of a 'car test'. Anyway the guy said that something went wrong technically with the injection system and that the way to repair was to update the injection software. Electronic in cars is cool but can be annoying too.
While I was waiting, I took pictures of the view in front of the dealership.

Social Security building (here on Google Maps)
picture taken from here.

This guy built his house right there with a little garden, how cool. Of course it's illegal.

Before arriving home I took this picture of our neighborhood. Our house is far behind the tower on the right, by the little blue buildings.

picture taken from here looking south east.

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