Monday, January 14, 2008


Today was a tiring day. Our heater system (water & radiator) would not work properly. Long story short, we had to have our radiators and pipes cleaned. So I looked for a plumber (hard to find a good one) and after I did they came home, unmounted all the radiators from the walls, cleaned them in the shower and mounted them back on the wall. Still did not work. Anyway, after many guys coming to the house to try to figure it out, everybody guessing why it would not work, I finally made it work. Well, I said long story short, so it worked and we could finally heat the house which had become pretty cold by now. But the guys left the house in a bad shape because the water from the radiators was old and dirty and turned into black oil. I spent all day long cleaning the house.
Well it works now. I actually need to tell the story with details so you would really understand why I'm telling this. The fact is that those kind of workers (plumbers, repair men, guys from the cable/satellite companies, etc) have no idea of what they're supposed to do. It's always a guessing job. They try several stuffs until it works. The good part is that it's cheap but you really get what you paid for. Most of the time I'm the one knowing what's wrong and how to deal with it. I guess I learned a lot in Paris, where those kind of services are extremely expensive so you have to learn how to do it yourself.
Examples : today, The guy told me that a part was broken so I had to pay 200 Turkish Lira ($170) to have it changed. I asked the guy : 'then it's gonna work ?' and the guy's answer was :'I don't know'. So I told him to forget about it. And it works pretty fine right now.
A few months ago we had problems with the satellite dish. The guy from the company came. I told him that it was probably a connection problem and that the wind might have unplugged something. The guy looked and said that we needed to change a part and that we had to pay for it. I said no and since then it works very well.
Sorry for this boring post.
Anyway. I wish I could be like Oreo and not care.


serhat said...

Telefonda anlatman daha iyi oldu abijim..yoksa okumazdim ben bu yaziyi.

Klara said...

Well, at least Oreo looks warm and cosy, despite the plumbing problems...