Sunday, December 23, 2007

Paris day 06

The Trip is almost over, so many places to go, to see, people to see.
I apologies for the people I could not call or forgot to tell I was in France.

Anyway, this morning, the chorus from the church next to our flat woke me up. So got out to buy some croissant. But I could not find one bakery. The only one there was was closed for the holidays. I wandered around for about half an hour and found a fake bakery who made some.

on my way to the bakery :

My favorite lingerie shop

An interesting restaurant.

The statue of Jeanne d'Arc.

After breaksfast we went out to go to some more stores.

The Opera Garnier.

We went in the mall center inside the Louvre Museum called Le Carrousel du Louvre.
By the way, if the line for the museum is too long outside, you have another entrance through this door. Time saver.

Ekin's favorite car (Audi A2)

The Tuileries Garden.

Le Musée du Louvre.

Some cops on a stake out.

We walked all the way to the left bank and went to the Saint-Germain district.

Stopped at Léon de Bruxelles where we ate some nice mussels from Brussels.
It's a Belgian restaurant but there's only one in Belgium and a dozen in Paris. Interesting, isn't it ?

Please eat a Special Léon Waffel. Too good.

Ekin paid tribute to Skull-a-day with the chocolate cream I left

Then we met with Alex and Zied and finally got to ride those vélib' bicycle thing.
So what is it. The city of Paris put bicycles parks at every corners (sort of speak) that you can rent for periods of 24 hours. If you're living in Paris and have a subway pass, you can use your pass to get one by just passing your pass on a bike. It will then charge you there.
If you are a tourist, you can use your credit card. It's very simple. It will charge you 1 euro for the 24 hours period but will then charge you extra every hour. The trick is that the first half hour is free, so if you change your bike every 29 minutes you can go around for 24 hours for only one euro. You can then drop your bike at whatever bike park. If you can find an empty spot.

The Panthéon

From Notre-Dame, through, Bastille, Place des Vosges, Le Marais...

We left our bike at a parking place in the Marais district and went to Amorino to eat the best Italian ice cream in Paris. I took the Nutella one, it's excellent.

Then we had a drink at L'étoile manquante (the missing star). I love their restroom. They have a picture of a building where you can see inside the home. And they put a train railway and can sometime see the train go around. Goes to the ladies room and comes through here and so forth.

Took another bike and went on through Paris. Place Vendôme, Place de la Concorde.

Hotel Crillon (one of the most expensive hotel in France).

To the Champs-Elysées where we left Alex and Zied and then went back by the Alexander III bridge, Le Grand-Palais, Le Louvre and Châtelet.

Then riding the subway we went to the apartment in Pyrénées to finish cleaning up and then went back home at around 2 a.m. We made it to Châtelet with the last subway then took another bike to go home and sleep.

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Another Limited Rebellion said...

I loved seeing your trip. I miss that town. One day we'll have to visit together! Tell Ekin I liked her skull!