Friday, December 21, 2007

Paris day 04

Today was a busy day. On the program :
- Go to the apartment in Paris (my parents') and clean our stuff from when we used to live here. - Go to my Grand ma's who lives in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges.
- Go to the Lafayette Dpt Store.
- Meet with Friends and go party.
This is the building where we used to live in Paris in a very nice district, close to the Pyrénées Subway station.

The station was in renovation 4 years ago, nothing has changed.
I believe they're starting all over again because of some leacking problems. Who cares...

Here is my grand mother's house. She has been living there since 1950. She is now 89 years old but still goes around fine despite all the stairs.

After a very nice meal Celia dropped us at Lafayette where we saw the great Christmas windows.

The inside was very nice too.

The Printemps dpt store next to La Fayette.
Lafayette bought Printemps this year so it's all the same.

After meting with Zied with headed toward the Champs-Elysées to have a nice a typically French dinner with some friends.

The new Citroën building.

A nice Pizza from Pizza Pino.

Jalal & Céline.

Then we met with everyone and went to The Moose, a Canadian Pub in the Odéon district.
Finally I took some pictures. Enjoy.

Ekin, Keko, Mihran, Özlem, Abdoul.

Kutlu & Ekin.

Céline, Osman (in the back left), Zied, Ekin & Jalal.

Jalal, Yalkin, Céline, Zied.

Kutlu, Esen, Ekin.

Ekin, Jalal Yalkin, Zied, Céline.

Going back home.

and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

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