Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Paris Day 02

We left Celia's apartment around noon and went and settle to our friend's (Zied) flat on Avenue de Breteuil, one of the good place on the Monopoly game board. So we took our first subway ride.

The weather is so wonderful. Very cold (-7°C - 19°F) but very nice and since it's a dry coolness, it's bearable if well dressed. In Istanbul the weather was much warmer but yet very cold because surrounded by two seas and crossed by a strait.

After leaving our luggages at Zied's, we decided to walk toward the city center. So we first went to La Grande Epicerie near Le Bon Marché. It's a convenient store as big as a hypermarket where you can find anything. It's really great. Food from northern America, India, Japan, middle east, etc.

Le Bon Marché (Department Store on the left bank. Subway stop : Sèvres-Babylone).

Le Lutetia, nice hotel in Paris (near Le Bon Marché) with the new SW Mini Cooper in the front.

We then arrived to Châtelet, center of Paris, biggest subway stop of France where we stopped for goooood sandwiches. A 'Saucisson' one for Ekin and a ham and Emmental cheese for me. Simple but delicious. Saucisson is dried sausage like Chorizo.

followed by a 'noisette' (nut) for Ekin which is an expresso with milk (called Machiatto at Starbucks ;) and a hot chocolate for me.

We then went to La Fnac which is a mix of Barns and Nobles and Best Buy. It's huge huge huge, especially seems that way when coming from Istanbul. We spent approximately 4 hours at the book section. Don't get me wrong, you can find almost anything in Turkey but you don't have that many choice in books and DVDs.

Afterwards we met with my parents, my sister and nephew. Lucas wanted to ride the carousel.

Then, altogether we went back to the same 'café'.

After leaving everyone, we went and met with some friends (Zied, Jalal, Céline, Shaghig) at a Japanese restaurant (Kyotori) near the Luxembourg Park. I was dumb enough not to take any pictures.

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