Monday, December 24, 2007

Paris day 07

Christmas eve, real last day 'in' Paris.
A last glance at the Opera.

A quick look at the Pont des Arts.

I look back on Le Louvre.

And we kept the best for the end, we met with Shaghig at Néo Café in Odéon. I'm half an hour late because I could'nt find a place to park my vélib' ;)

Then off we go, to my sister's house to spend Christmas.

Lucas is ready.

The table is set.

We opened the present

Dessert time, it's already 3 a.m.

I spared you the picture of my dad dressed as Santa both to protect you and him.
Just to draw you a picture, he didn't have a belt and wasn't wearing any shoes because coming from the back room. First words of Lucas when he saw him : "Where is Grand Pa' ?"

Merry Christmas.

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