Saturday, December 22, 2007

Paris day 05 - post 2

After dropping our purchases at home we went to the Latin District near Notre-Dame to meet with some friends and eat at a Lebanese restaurant (Loubnane - 31 rue de Galande).

We stopped quickly at this very nice English library.

And here is everyone. From left to right : Ekin, Özlem, Yalkin, Zied, ?, Abdoul, Merih, Yasemin & Boyfriend, Özgür & girlfriend, Jalal, Céline. Alex and Keko came later so they're not in here.

On the way back home.

Le Petit Pont (smallest bridge on the River).

The Christmas tree in front of Notre-Dame.

We really wanted to try those new Vélib' bicycle thing but there was a problem with them. I hope that tomorrow we'll get to ride them and I'll tell you more about them.

The City Hall with its annual ice skating ring in front of it. New thing this year, this luge run.

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