Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers' Day

We went to have breakfast with Ekin's parents and brother (etc) at some place outside Istanbul. Then we went to the Meydan Shopping center I told you about. Here are the pictures :

Ekin getting some flowers for her mom

Ekin with here nephew Derin (on her back). In front is Damla, Ekin's brother's wife's nephew.


At Meydan, they put some sculpture made by the children of this association called Yaratici Cocuklar Dernegi (Creative Children's Association). They created this activity/exhibition about the effect of Global Warming on the ecosystem and endangered species.

Julien waiting...


Taking picture of people I don't know.

I felt like being in New York (Actually in NYC I felt like being in Istanbul), I think I saw 18 helicopter today.


They recently created this temporary organic food market on the stairs (right). I thought it was a great idea. They have people signing up petition to keep it open all year long (at least during the nice day).

Then With Ekin's parents we went to this Mongolian Barbecue restaurant called Go Mongo. There are three of them in Istanbul.


Another Limited Rebellion said...

Love that green roof! You'll have to take us there next time we visit!

Djouls said...

no problem :)