Sunday, May 18, 2008

Day Two : Sea, Insects and Sun

Again, a nice view over the Greek islands this morning after a night fighting with mosquitoes.

The mountains you see in the far back are on the Kalimnos Island, part of the Dodecanese.

Back to Gümüşlük again where we swam again.

Here you can find the best köfte sandwiches in all Turkey. It's a small business ran by two brothers installed in a tea garden. They really are delicious.

This is behind our house. Even though Gümüşlük is protected against developments and has not been over exposed like cities as Kuşadasi, The peninsula suffers from growing construction sites. The only rules are that you cannot built a house more than 2 stories, it has to be white (or so), the windows sizes are specific etc. Also there are a lots of historical sites where constructions are forbidden, but for how long.

Nice sunset from the house.

Followed by a nice home made barbecue with some nice lamb ribs.

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