Thursday, May 01, 2008

May Day

Most of the demonstrations happened on the main road and some side streets between Taksim Square and Mecidiyeköy. Demonstrators were trying to march toward Taksim Square. The police are pushing back the crowds with armored vehicles, pressurized water guns and gas bombs.
Interior Minister Beşir Atalay and Labor Minister Faruk Çelik held a press conference yesterday concerning May Day celebrations. Atalay said Taksim Square has not been designated for any meetings, demonstrations or marches since 1977 (where 34 people were killed). "This decision has well-grounded justifications, this has to be understood. Taksim Square is a crowded place that has many entrances and exits and it is hard to control. It is the center of traffic flow to certain areas in Istanbul. A demonstration there would seriously affect the daily life of our citizens", Atalay said. So why would they shut down all transportations leading to Taksim Square, that I wonder. The ferries, the subway, the tramway, the buses... It is actually a way for the city to prevent demonstrators to reach the Taksim area
Once again, the Turkish police has shown that it was unable to control itself. They over used the use of tear gas. Used it indistinctly on demonstrators, old men and women, elementary school children, people going to work...
I believe that if the Police had let the demonstrators had their meeting in Taksim, Nothing would have happened. Because if you look at the other meeting that took place in Kadiköy, everything went fine.
All pictures taken from press agencies, no copyrights.

I was supposed to work today, but it was canceled, the office is right there on the right. Taksim.

Why would they use colored water ?

Taksim Square

Coincidently the city cams showing the Taksim and Mecidiyeköy area were turned off during the demonstrations, due to 'technical difficulties'.

Here are some videos that will show you a hint of what happened.


Mim said...

Oh my, that all looks so scary to me, but your photos are very beautiful.

Djouls said...

Thanks a lot Mim, but I (thankfully?) did not take the pictures. It was an sad day for democracy in Turkey, there was none.