Saturday, May 10, 2008


Woke up at 3.90 after 3 hours of sleep. Meet up with Aydan for Breakfast at Ceviz Café. Thenpick up Asli and go on the Asian side. Everyone is getting a haircut.
Everybody makes fun of me because I spend gas to go to the Asian side to get a haircut. Plus, I pay 35 YTL ($28) just to get my hair shorter. The thing is that my hair isn't that easy to cut and most of the cheap hairdresser you can find here are bad hairdressers. My hair grows in every directions and I have a lot of them. So wheni it's cut short it's fine most of the time but when it starts to grow it's a nightmare. So I found this skilled, fancy hairdresser and only go to him. It was the same in France, Allison was the only one allowed to touch my hair ;) And no one toped her yet.
Don't have a picture but here's one from Aydan who change her style.You won't care since I don't have the before picture but well...

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