Thursday, May 15, 2008

Here & There

This is the construction site I told you about 3 days ago. Here is a view from the other side. All the buildings you see on the picture, including the ones on the rights are new.

I went to see Ekin at work today, here is where she works. This is a mall called Akmerkez, she works in the offices in the towers, the mall itself being at the basement of the whole. I believe she works in the left tower, 9th floor.

Took the subway to work.

Mobile operator ad

Bank ad

Here is the office at it is from this week on. Two new guys started up here so we had to make room for them. I believe we are going to move to a bigger office soon.

Serdar and Sukru presenting the show. Timur (the other host) is in Orlando for 10 days attending the Blackberry meetings or something like that.

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