Saturday, June 28, 2008

Alaçati - Day 2

This is our hotel's entrance. It is a very nice place. It's called Ümit Ev Otel and the owners are very nice, kind and friendly, speaking a very good English.

Everything on the table (except for the cheese) was homemade from the garden. Everything was delicious. Even the olive oil.

Today we went to Babylon Beach. Babylon is a concert Hall in Istanbul, they also opened a place in alacati where they have live concerts during the summer on the beach.

we ate some 'midye' (mussels) from Pamuk Amca's son.

Tonight the famous Turkish band 'Mor ve Ötesi' is playing and they were rehearsing right behind us.

Sibel and Ekin's fake smile ;)

Ekin ate some kind of pickles from a street vendor.

Then we decided to eat at a restaurant called 'Lavanta', meaning 'lavender'.

Thenwe met up with Sibel and her gang and went to a bar/club called Yaya.


Mim said...

oh i love mussels, all the food looks/sounds wonderful. The trip looks so fun! Sorry to hear about the disturbance (to put it mildly) in Istanbul. oh dear.

Djouls said...

The trip was really fun but too short of course.
I posted something about what happened in Istanbul. People...