Sunday, June 22, 2008

Efes Pilsen One Love Festival Day 2

And we're back to the festival.
As soon as we arrived the Turkish band Baba Zula started to play. It was kinfd of cool until.... I got a call from work telling me we had to do another shooting (just like yesterday), So I left Ekin and the others there and went to work only to come back 2 hours later.

I noticed this building, please take a closer look at the windows. They're not symmetrical, another Turkish style building, no offense ;)

When I came back Miss Platnum was playing, It was good too. First time I heard of her.

At night Shantel started Playing. Ekin is a big fan. Shantel is a German (from Romania) DJ mixing gypsy music from the Balkans. He really knows how to entertain the crowd. He has become very famous in Istanbul and comes at least once a month to perform here.

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