Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Walk in Istanbul

Lots of pictures today. I'm trying this new photo camera from work, the weather is very nice (in the 90's°F = 30's°C), so I decided to walk to work today by doing some detours. I walked about 7.5 km today. which is alright but they're are a lot of hills in Istanbul so it's actually a bit exhausting especially with this weather but I love hot weather.

A Gyspy girl gathering cardboard from trash bins to resell it later.

Besiktas Ferry Pier.

Some kid striking the pose

The wall of the Dolmabahçe Palace.

Phone booths

Same minarets, different angles


Finally at work.

I decided to walk back home from another route this time.

Some gypsies in Taksim Park.

First time in my life I dare to ride those cable cars in Istanbul, and by myself. They go above the Maçka park.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel on the left

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