Friday, March 28, 2008

Teknosohbet Day

I've been working all day long and if you noticed two days in a row, I'm not used to that.
Google/Turkcell press conference this morning :

Ericsson press conference this afternoon :

Then we spent all afternoon in the street asking people questions about Sony products and that's when we met Klif, crazy funny guy from the States. As he told us, he loves Turkey and Turkish people, he wants all Turkish people to be his friend, he asked us to give his email, aim/msn nicks, facebook name and website on the show. He also told us having more than 400 friends on msn. The guy is very friendly but he made me think of Jim Carrey in The Cable Guy. A bit creepy.

On the way back to the office, I spotted this little sticker made by this anonymous artist who also does stencils of this little fly everywhere, mainly in Cihangir. It represent the commercial image of the Bonus Credit Card given by the bank 'Garanti'. You can an old ad here, or pictures here and here. I actually, mainly took this picture for my friend N. and for his website Skulladay.

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