Saturday, March 29, 2008

Miss Pizza

Tonight we went to Miss Pizza, in the Cihangir (Djihangir) district with some friends (Engin & Reyhan, and Ceylan). Big night tonight, there was a derby soccer game between two of the three Turkish team : Besiktas and Fenerbah├že. Fenerbah├že won 2-1.

Before going into Miss Pizza (one of the best pizza place in Istanbul) I saw this little composition standing there on a wall. A sandwich, an empty bottle of wine and a 'waffle'. Interesting...

Then, when we came out Engin and Ekin wanted to pose in front of them so yu can admire them at will now.

On the way to the car we saw this funny board with this writing meaning : 'We do modern circumcision'. Whatever they mean by 'modern'. In the circle, it says 'Cihangir Health' with a 'k' next to it. Zhat is the 'k' for ? I thing it might stand for 'klinik's 'k' but who knows ?

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