Saturday, March 22, 2008

Full HD ? HD Ready ? day today. We went out to ask people questions about Full HD, HD Ready and Blu-Ray. On the way to the office I saw this cafe place where the guy had all of those ads for Digiturk inside. Digiturk being a satelite televesion provider.

at night, with Ekin and Serhat we went to this new neighborhood near ours in Besiktas that recently opened. The all district was under renovation and has open recently. İt has become a fancy and wealthy place with luxuruous stores and expensive condos. As we were taking picture, a guy from a security company told us that taking pictures was forbidden. Ahhh money, you can buy evrything with it. We took pictures anyway, since this is a public street, I don't see how they can forbid people from taking pictures. That's insane.

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