Saturday, March 29, 2008

Teknosohbet Day 03

3rd day in a row, I'm on fire ! Today we were on the Asian side to ask those same questions about Sony. while going there I saw this real estate agency's street Board called Perek Emlak (Perek Real e. a.) and misread it, I thought it said Emre Parlak, which is a friend of mine. Yeah I know, but remember I'm working my 3rd consecutive day.

Then I sat in a cafe to have a tea and the shop next door was a pharmacy but its front window looked more like ad billboard. The guy even put ads on the ground.

We first went in front of a TeknoSA (BestBuy wannabe store), but the guys from the store told us that we weren't allowed to do that there. At which we replied that we were in the street and that we could do whatever we wanted but just to be clear we called Timur (one of the host of the show), who called the Head manager of all the TeknoSA Company and 10 minutes later, the guys came from the store telling us that we could even shoot inside if we wanted too.

Oh and I saw this nice street art on a wall on the main Street.

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