Saturday, December 06, 2008


Today, Holidays are starting, for me. It started actually last night for those who don't work on Saturdays. This holiday is called the Kurban Bayram─▒, literally meaning "the festival of sacrifice". Eid al-Adha in Arabic, is a religious festival celebrated by Muslims worldwide as a commemoration of Ibrahim's (Abraham's) willingness to sacrifice his son Ismael for Allah. However, God provided a ram in place once Ibrahim demonstrated his willingness to follow God's commands. The festivities last for three days or more depending on the country. Eid al-Adha occurs the day after the pilgrims conducting Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia by Muslims worldwide, descend from Mount Arafat. It happens to be approximately 70 days after the end of the month of Ramadan. (source : wikipedia).
So Everybody buy a sheep or bull and have it killed in a religious way. In the suburbs or poor districts they would do that on the pavement which is actually forbidden since the city have reserved places to do that. The butcher comes and read some verses from the Quran and then cut the animal's throat. Then the animal is prepared and cooked immediately.
Some people would distribute the food to poor people. More modern poople or let's say people who aren't that keen to religion would donate money to different organizations such as the Red Crescent (equivalent of the Red Cross in Muslim countries) which seems more proper to me.

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