Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Thanks to the Sinevidyon team (Özgür and Eren) today I had the opportunity to be among the first to watch the new comedy from Cem Yilmaz at the premiere for the Press.
A.R.O.G. is the second "episode" after the first movie : G.O.R.A.
In Gora Cam Yilmaz played the hero : Arif, a young Turk was captured by extraterrestrials from the planet GORA, fell in love with one of them and defeated the evil commander-in-chief Logar (aslo played by Cem Yilmaz). In A.R.OG. Commander Logar comes back and sends Arif 1 million years ago at the time of dinosaurs where he meets people from the A.R.O.G. tribe this time. Cem Yilmaz plays three different characters in this movie, Arif, Commander Logar and Kaaya leader of the A.R.O.G tribe.

I was afraid that he wouldn't be that funny since they overwhelmed us with commercials, advertising of all sorts. But I wasn't disappointed at all. It was a pretty good and funny movie. They apparently spend 8 million (or maybe 9) dollars to do this film but I'm pretty sure they spent most of it in commercials and in post production. The special effects are in fact pretty good for a Turkish production. The costumes and the decors were really nice too. As for the picture itself, it had a very good quality, the colors, the lighting were very good. A movie to watch absolutely, especially if you're a fan of Cem Yilmaz; if you don't like him you won't like like him here either.

The casting is actually pretty good with almost the same actors from G.O.R.A. : Ozan Güven (played the Robot in G.O.R.A.), Özkan Uğur (comedian and musician - from the MFÖ music band), Özge Özberk and the beautiful singer Nil Karaibrahimgil in her first appearance on the big screen.

Just for your information : The movie is coming out on December the 5th in Turkey as well as in 8 other European countries (Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, U.K. and France). It has been distributed with 400 copies here and 160 copies in Europe.

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