Thursday, December 04, 2008


I fınally got my books I ordered from the Internet.

First of all thanks a lot to my friend Noah Scalin for signing his book SKULLS and sending it to me. Holidays are approaching, it's a great gift for everyone. SKULLS is a gathering of some skulls Noah did for his project Skulladay where he created one skull, every day for one year. You can buy it through IndieBound,, Barnes & Noble or Powell's Books. It has a nice embossed cover by the way and I would recommend it to anyone.

Second book is "New York September 11". A hardcover book with photos taken by photographers of the Magnum Agency. I had seen this book during an exhibition in Istanbul at the Museum of modern Arts and I really liked some of the photos in it. Like the one from photographer Susan Meiselas of the sculpture park near the WTC covered with debris.

The third one is from artist Shepard Fairey, E Pluribus Venom (hardcover). The title could be translated as "Out of many, Poison". This book gathers some of the artworks Fairey produced and presented at his exhibition in the summer 2007 at the Jonathan Levine gallery.
E Pluribus Venom is derived from "E Pluribus Unumi" (Out of Many, One), a motto adopted by the U.S. Government appearing on U.S. currency. In his work, Fairey questions the symbols and methods of the U.S. and of the American dream and also those who oppose blind nationalism and war.
Fairey uses many different styles as currency motifs, blend of Art Nouveau, revolutionary propaganda styles to support pacifism.

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