Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sinking Pier in Karaköy

Since yesterday strong southwestern winds are blowing toward Istanbul. Those winds are warmish but can be very strong. As a result the ferry pier that was on a barge in Karaköy, sank last night. So first thing I did today is go there and see it for myself. I was amazed to see the barge upside down. Is it that deep there ? Because on the barge there was a 1 floor building where the ferries would dock. A friend of mine who came this morning through another pier told me that all the ropes broke because of the waves and the wind.
The roof of the Taksim First Aid Hospital flew away too.

I like the "Police, Do not cross" thingy.

Muscles everywhere...

Incredible to find out that I don't have any picture of the pier itself. I'm sure I have one somewhere but I could not find it through the hundred thousands pictures I have ! I only managed to find this one. You can see the barge behind the docked ferry.


Another Limited Rebellion said...

Wow, was that a pier we went on? Also I want some simit from that vendor!

Djouls said...

yeap !!