Wednesday, July 09, 2008

U.S. Consulate attacked in Istanbul

4 persons attacked the U.S. consulate in Istanbul this morning. 3 of them were killed as well as a security agent and two policemen. The 4th assailant escaped away (he apparently left before the shoot out started).
The US consulate here is so well protected that it's hard to understand what was the aim of the attackers. The building is like a fortress on top of a hill surrounded by 15 feet tall walls.
All the TV channels were reporting from there. Everybody said something different : They're looking for a Grey ford focus on 1 channel, for a white Fiat Doblo on another one. The attackers were from Syria (they were actually Turkish). Etc etc...
Unfortunately, the aim for sensational news bring people wrong informations.

'24' news channel

'NTV' News Channel

'CNN Turk' News Channel

'SkyTurk' News Channel

'HaberTurk' News Channel

'TGRT' News Channel

'S Haber' News Channel

'Kanal a' Channel

'Kanal t' Channel

'Fox' Channel

'Cnbc-e' Business Channel

'Art Avrasya' Channel

'Ü' Channel

'TRT2' State Channel


Mim said...

thanks for posting from your end, was thinking about you. We can't know what they were thinking they'd accomplish.

Djouls said...

my pleasure