Thursday, July 31, 2008

1 Day in Northern Cyprus

Today I went to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (follow the link to learn more about Northern Cyprus since it's only recognized by Turkey) to attend a press conference held by the main Turkish cell phone operator Turkcell.

This was my frst time there and it was very interesting to discover a place like that. It used to be under British control so there are still some habits left. They drive on the left side of the road. Even though they used 220V, the plug are british plugs. Etc. People were very nice.
It's under Turkish control so it's like being in Turkey, you pay with Turkish money, everybody speaks Turkish. When you call Turkey you do not need to dial an international code before but they charge international rates !!!

It's very dry even though it's surrounded by water. There aren't high mountains so it doesn't rain a lot and it's in the south part of the the mediterranean. The temperature was 47 degrees celsius (116 degrees Fahrenheit).

Timur getting some rest.

View from the hotel we were staying at.

Trying a 3G supporting phone.



Press Conference.

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