Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shopping in the Old Istanbul

Today we went to the Grand Bazaar to look for a kilim and some fabrics and drapes.

some kids selling cell phone cases.

The Nurosmaniye Mosque near the Grand Bazaar.

Interesting and weird how this minaret got swallowed by this building.

The Galata Tower seen from Eminönü.

A Panoramic view of the entrance of the Golden Horn by Eminönü.

We took a small boat to cross the golden horn. Just 1 Lira (80 cents) per person and very fun to do.

Cowboy Joe selling fish.

A huge Cruise ship 'parked' in Karaköy.

Some simits.

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Mim said...

Thanks for these fotos. I feel connected back to the all those books I read about Istanbul (and Turkey) last year. I remember reading about some of these locations. Ah, the simit bread that Noah told me about. It's much like some bread that we got at a little outdoor market in Paris last year. Those cruise ships are terrifyingly HUGE!