Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bodrum Day 01

Last night we took the bus to come to Bodrum (south West of Turkey). We came here with two friends but on different buses. We had trouble finding 4 places on the same bus since it's holidays and all the buses were booked. Engin & Reyhan took the 9pm bus, I took the 9.30 pm bus, My dad took the the 10.30pm bus and Ekin took the 11pm one. You have to know that Turkish buses company are not like the one you can find in the U.S (Greyhound, Chinatown bus) or in Europe (Eurolines). Here you have many many different companies going everywhere and the services on board are like the one you can find on planes.
Anyway, We all arrived at different times to Bodrum but we enjoyed the calm and serenity of the place altogether.
The weather is a bit chilly but the water is very nice.

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