Friday, August 29, 2008

To Berlin, Germany

Big race today. This morning we're at the Istanbul airport in order to get on the plane to Munich and then to Berlin. First of all I don't get why it's not a direct flight since we're flying with the German company Lufthansa. Anyway because of a mistake made by the tour operator (they sent Timur's passport along with someone else's luggage to the plane), ze cannot get on the plane to Munich because the flight is overbooked.
Anyway, they give us each 200 € to apologize and have us fly in business in the next flight.
This time we're flying via Frankfurt, but we have to run to catch the plane. t was just like in the movies. I have my backpack, the bag with the tripod, another bag with the camera, my boarding pass in one hand, my passport in the other and I'm running like hell.
We made the plane.

Two and a half hours later, we land in Frankfurt. We ask where our gate is and they told us to run because we couldn't make it otherwise... So I ran... Iran to gate 24 where they told me that it was changed to gate 22. So I ran back only to hear that it has been changed again to gate 21... Anyway, we were actually on time and had to wait there for 40 minutes.

The plane from Frankfurt to Berlin was huge, really huge. To give you an idea, the Business class ends on row 31, with 8 huge seats by row. It was very comfortable. The plane from Turkey to Germany was a small normal one. so why a huge plane for such a short distance (45 minutes).
Well Frankfurt is like NYC and Berlin is like Washington D.C. so every day VIP people fly on this line, ergo the big plane.

Why Am I in Berlin ? There is the IFA Fair, the Consumer Electronics Trade Show.

In front of the IFA Fair.

More Photos here.

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