Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Man, Did you know the nuts variety used for the production of Nutella is mainly coming from Turkey ? The needed quantities are so huge that approximately 80% of the turkish production is bought by the manufacturer : Ferrero.
The volumes bought are so big that Ferrero can select the best nuts leaving its competitors the smallest calibers and lower quality nuts. This could explain why no other product quite match the specific taste of Nutella.
Another incredible fact : The Nutella found in the U.S.A. does not include E and B12 vitamins as it does in Europe.

I need to ask someone living in the States if this is all true.
The american Nutella is enriched in iron but impoverished in phosphor.
There is more peanut butter (mono-saturated fat), which is of a lower nutritional quality than vegetal oil (richer in Polyunsaturated fat acids) usually used.
It has more sugar and the peanut butter is preferred instead of cocoa butter.
It is sold in disposable plastic can and not in recyclable glas.
They say that the american Nutella would taste more like chocolaty peanut butter with a less smooth texture and less homogeneous making it less easier to spread.

Although I have some doubts about most those facts about the american Nutella. Those are probably old data.

Anyway, Nutella Rules everywhere.

- And if you ever go to Paris, France you'll be able to eat the best Nutella flavored Italian ice cream.
This is the only place in Paris where they really use Nutella to make their ice cream. The other flavors are also delicious; made from real fresh fruits.
The name of the place ? : Amorino.
Where to find it ? : Click here to see the 7 shops on google map.
There is one in Strasbourg at 11 rue Mercière.
And even 3 in Shanghai.

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